General information:

The Teamrace was first organised in honour of our lustrum in 2011. It started being a race just for once, but it has become a yearly event. Last year there were even more than 100 participants. Not only members of Uros, but also participants from student athletics associations from the whole country and other sports associations in Maastricht. Afterwards there is a possibility to join our dinner and to party with us in the inner city of Maastricht. 



The track for this race is 5km long and has one steep climb. The start and finish are at the track at Sportpark Jekerdal (Mergelweg 120). The race starts with a half lap over the track after which 800m tarmac will lead to the Sint-Pietersberg, where the tough part of the race begins. After this point, the track is going downhill and will continue to do so, hence you will keep accelerating during the race.



At this moment, the Teamrace of June 23rd is in preparation. You can sign up via this page!

Schedule for Friday the 23th of June:

18:00 Opening track
18:30 Start first team
20:00 Dinner
20:30 Awards ceremony