Dear members,

My name is Wout Beijers. This year I will be the president of UROS. I’m 24 years old and I was born in a town called Oss, which is situated in North-Brabant. When I was young, I started doing athletics in the town I grew up, at AV de Keien. I have always been enjoying every discipline in athletics over there, but my favourite disciplines are high jump, shot put and javelin throw. But when I started studying in Maastricht, I quit doing athletics. Of course, after a few years, I realized that quitting athletics was a bad decision. Therefore, over a year ago I decided to join UROS. To me, UROS has proven to be the perfect mixture between pushing yourself to the limit, and making a lot of new friends to have fun with.

At the moment, I am almost graduated in two dutch Law Masters: Labour law and Civil law. The only thing left for me to do is writing two thesis’s. Besides that I work four days a week as a legal advisor, and half a day a week as a student-assistant at the law faculty. Last year, I have been with the technical group all year, but this year I’ll be joining the running group every Tuesday. I was in the competition committee last year, and at the moment I’m with the Members Weekend committee (you should all come to the members weekend!). As we are only four board members this year, I hope that a lot of members will be as enthusiastic about joining a committee as I am! My hobbies are hiking, cycling, going out, and enjoying sunny weather. But if you want to know more about my hobbies and interests, I’d love to tell you about those at the track or at one of our activities. 

I’m very excited about becoming the president and getting to know all the new members. And last but not least, I hope that everybody will have a happy, healthy and injury-free athletics season!


See you guys at the track,