Dear Uros athletes,

My name is Karin Flipsen and i will be the secretary of Uros this year. I am 20 years old and I just starting my second year of the study Medicine here in Maastricht. Last year I did another study; Biomedical Sciences. I am born and raised in Weert, but I live already for a year in Maastricht, which I really like.

I am also one year a member of Uros. During the Inkom last year, I subscribed immediately, since I come from a ‘athletics family: I’ve been doing athletics all my life, with my 2 brothers and parents. So it wasn’t a difficult decision for me that I applied for Uros ;). Last year I was in the Competition committee. Upcoming year I will be in the practice weekend committee and the alumni committee.

During the practices at Uros, you can mostly find me in the technical group. However, sometimes I join on Thursdays the running group, to train my condition (or what is left of it).

I am looking forward to this year to be the secretary of Uros. With Besturos ’17 – ’18 we are going to make it a great year again!