Dear members,

For everybody that does not know me already, my name is Martijn. I am 19 years old and you have might seen me around the track. I study Economics and Business Economics and just like the rest of the board I am from the province of Brabant, born in the beautiful city of Eindhoven. Over a year ago already I moved to the sunny and hilly Maastricht.

On a early stage in my life I started athletics at Eindhoven atletiek, at that point still called PSV atletiek. After a couple of years I quit athletics to try some other sports. At the age of seventeen I realized my big mistake and luckily started running again! At the moment I mainly focus on middle distance  running, specifically the 800 and 1500 meter. When I started studying in maastricht becoming a member of Uros seemed like a logical choice that I have not regretted to this day. Therefore a year in the board seemed a lot of fun and I am up for the challenge as the treasurer!

I this year will be lots of fun and I hope see you at the track and at the activities,