Hey everyone!

My name is Philipp, I’m 20 years old and I joined Uros last summer. My board’s position will be the role of the Vice President. In this position I am, besides some other tasks, mainly responsible for social media of Uros like for example Facebook or Instagram.

At Uros, I am most of the time part of the technical group because I love to run short distances ranging from 100 to 400 meters.

Before I came to Maastricht I was born and lived in Germany most of the time. I come from the centre of Germany and lived in a city called Darmstadt. Its 30km south from Frankfurt and has nearly 160.000 inhabitants, so just a little bit bigger than Maastricht.

I moved to Maastricht because I wanted to study Business in another country that is not too far away from my home and my second reason was to study in English. That’s why I study International Business, like nearly every German in Maastricht. I joined the board because I really wanted to do something extra besides my studies and the best way for me was to connect sports with being a member of the board.

Before I started studying here, I took a gap year after finishing high school and lived in London for half year. There I did a language course to improve my English. That was definitely an awesome time as I made a lot of friends from many different countries, also some Dutch ones.

I hope to make some more Dutch friends by becoming member of the board of Uros.

Philipp Strack