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The Delft Student Athletics Association DSAV`40 is delighted to announce there will finally be another NSK! The event will consist of a running competition, a ludic part, it’s free and you get the chance to win an official NSK-medal!

We present you: NSK WEG 2020 (...in 2021!).

When: Saturday 27 February, 2021

- Online corona-proof event
- 5 km / 10 km
- Ludic part: 'figure running'

- Create a Strava account
- Register for 5 or 10 km
- The form contains a link to RunnersMaps for the registration of your run. You have to couple your Strava-account on this website.
- Participants receive an email containing more explanation about the ludic part and regulations.
- On Saturday the 27th open Strava and… RUN!

Where: wherever you want, within the rules of fair play.
We are very enthusiastic to welcome you online. It would be great to reach as many students as possible!

Follow their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsk_weg2020/

Aanvang: 27-02-2021
Einde: 27-02-2021
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Triathlon Cantus

Triathlon Cantus
Aanvang: 3 maart 2021: 20:00
Einde: 3 maart 2021: 23:00
Sluitingsdatum 28 februari 2021: 23:55



Annually, the middle of April is the starting shot for the team race of Maastricht: the Team Race. The 10th edition of the Team Race will start on Friday evening April 9th 2021. The start and the finish are on the track at Sportpark Jekerdal (Mergelweg 120). The course starts with a half lap on the track, followed by a stretch of 800m on asphalt. This leads to the Sint-Pietersberg haze the heavy part of the race will begin. After climbing the mountain, the course only goes downhill, so you can continue to accelerate during the race.

The total distance is more than 5 kilometers and has a steep climb. More than 70 athletes take part every year, both students and non-students. In the Team Race it is not important whom of your Team is the first to cross the finish line. On the contrary, the time of the 4th person in your team counts; so make sure you as a team make a great effort!
In short, an annual event with a unique character: a mixture of top sport and cooperation!

Aanvang: 09-04-2021
Einde: 09-04-2021
Opening inschrijving 17-01-2021
Sluitingsdatum 02-04-2021



Something to look forward to! The subscription for the Batavierenrace is now open. So keep the weekend of April 23th and 24th free in your calendar! You can now subscribe for the most fun competition of the year. Even there is no ‘normal’ Batavierenrace we are sure that the alternative will be a great success, as it was last year. So don’t hesitate and join our team.


(Click down for more info. on the event)

Aanvang: 23-04-2021
Einde: 25-04-2021
Opening inschrijving 03-01-2021