Volunteering ALFA Bear Trail - 14th of November

Volunteering ALFA Bear Trail - 14th of November

Since all competitions can take place again, our volunteering activities with Bearsports will start as well. We are also looking for some volunteers who can help us out during The ALFA Bear Trail. This event will take place on Sunday the 14th of November. 

By helping us out you;

  • Will get a free dinner at the track (because who doesn’t like free food?!)
  • Will have some good time with your fellow Urosians,
  • Will help your association so that we can keep organizing nice activities,
  • And last but not least, at the end of the academic year, we will organize a super fun activity (aka THE ADVENTURE RUN) for all the people who helped us this year, it will be great (ask your fellow members). But you need to be a little more patient for this reward ;)

Also, after the shift(s), we will go out for dinner so we can spend even more time together!
(These costs will be for your own account)

Activiteit info:

Aanvang: 14 november 2021: 09:00
Einde: 14 november 2021: 18:00
Max. deelnemers 100
Aantal plaatsen over 100

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