Maastricht Student Athletics Association

The student athletics association Uros ('Unidentified Running ObjectS') was founded in 1991. Gradually, Uros has grown to one of the biggest sports associations in Maastricht.

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Welcome to Uros!
Welcome to Uros new Maastricht students! The introduction week is unfortunately already coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean all the fun is over! Whatever your goals are for this year.. we got you covered! You want to focus on your studies but...
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New Board Info Session
Are you interested in becoming an Uros board member next academic year? 🐢 Do you want to know more about what it implies? Or are you just curious or want to ask any question? Then join us on the 20th of May at 9:15pm (after practice) for an...
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Practice update (08/02/2021)
The weather is currently causing some disruption so here are some information about today's practice and maybe Thursday's: Technical group: The practice will take place online. Our trainer Lara will instruct the training via zoom: Exercises will be...
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New Trainer for the Technical Group
Lara Frijters is 20 years old (almost 21) and was born and raised in Eindhoven. She studies health sciences, and since she has an interest in psychology, she is following the mental health track. She has danced all her life, since she was 3 years...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dear Urosians, The board would like to wish you a (late) merry Christmas again, as well as a happy new year! With the new 2021 year starting we are all hoping for a change and an amelioration of the difficult situation we all went through in the...
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The Uros Merch is Back!
You can finally order your favorite clothing again! Here is what we got for you now: The famous green sweater, even more personal with your name written on your strong Urosian chest An Uros black soft shell jacket, for the colder days coming up An...
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Alternative competitions
With all major running events being cancelled, we miss the unique experience and atmosphere of race day. But we found a solution! During NN Running Day you can experience the atmosphere of the most exciting running events in the Netherlands. Be...
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Speed Dating Training
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use the track for the upcoming 4 weeks, however we came up with a temporary solution, even with such short notice (which means it will also evolve). Training will take place tomorrow but it will be different...
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Uros needs you: Join a committee!
Dear reader, As you may already know, every student association has a number of committees, which are vital for their good functioning. Uros is not an exception, and it is why we need you now! Members can usually decide to join committees during...
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Important!! New corona rules that affect (potential) members!
Dear (potential) new members, We were very happy to see you all at our practice last Tuesday and are excited for the upcoming weeks! However, there are some new rules that we also received just today. These rules have an impact on our open...
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Candidate board: meet the contenders!
Summer break is almost over.. This means that uni starts again and that soon, we will change boards! In the upcoming GMA the current board will pass the baton to the next. This year was different than usual due to the virus. Urosians didn't meet up...
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Becoming an Uros member?
Both the country and Maastricht University are starting to open up again soon, and Uros will as well. Are you interested in joining us? We will be active during the INKOM, so anyone who wants to learn about us can join us at our activities, and...
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COVID-19 Virus Update 2
This is an update concerning the COVID-19 virus. Please read this carefully! The Dutch government has announced new and stricter measures to control the coronavirus. These measures also have an impact on Uros. From now on, gatherings with more than...
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COVID-19 Virus Update
Via this page we inform you about how UROS deals with the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus (better known as coronavirus) and where you can find current information. Advice and update NOC*NSF In accordance with the tightened measures and...
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Registrations Teamrace 2020 have opened!
Check your calendar, because it's time for Uros' yearly Teamrace on Friday the 17th of April! For this 5 KM trail run, you will compete in teams from 4 to 7 people. The race starts at the Jekerdal track, continues on the Sint Pieter hill and will...
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A Golden Gala for Uros
"A touch of gold" Was the theme for the Student Sports Gala this year, but it seems some members in Uros took it too far. While most people chose to wear something gold colored Bob Van Kasteren and Eveline Saalberg took it one step further by...
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Members Weekend 2019
Last month Uros had its Smuggle and struggle themed members weekend! The week was filled with exciting events that as the theme might suggest were inspired by the illegal underworld. It would have been criminal to have missed out on such an amazing...
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New Board 2019!
Since the 23th of September, Uros has a new board! The new board wants to thank the old board; Bob, Marly, Anouk, Keanne, Joost and Stijn, for giving us all information we need to make this Uros year successful. We, Lara, Charlie, Frank and Selim...
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Our location
Our practice accommodation, the athletics track, is situated in Sports Park Jekerdal. You'll find this Sports Park in the South-West of Maastricht.

MSAV Uros.
Mergelweg 120
6212 XK Maastricht
Become a member!
Are you interested in running or in technical athletics? Do you like participating in fun activities? Then we are the right association for you! Subscribe yourself now!
Are you interested in sponsoring Uros? Do you want to contribute to student athletics in Maastricht? You will have a large and diverse target group of around 90 members. Please do not hesitate to contact


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