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Thank You Dinner

Thank You Dinner

Uros’ committees are working all year round to help our association run smoothly, whether they are working in the broad light or in the background. But in any case, we are all very thankful for their work, so the board is inviting you to enjoy nice burgers on the track after Thursday’s practice. 

We will offer this dinner for free for all committee members, and this will also be the occasion for us to hand you a little gift to thank you for all your hard work!

But everyone is of course invited to join, show their gratitude to our amazing committees while enjoying a nice burger! Since we also like eeeeveryone in Uros, we would also like to propose everyone else a discount on the dinner, so it will only cost you around 8€.

Activity date 17 June 2021: 20:00
Activity End Date 17 June 2021: 21:30
Cut off date 16 June 2021: 23:55
Location Sportpark Jekerdal

Registrations closed.

Sports Tournament

Imagine this: sunny day, no exams, all your friends, in the middle of the track, playing volleyball and football. Sounds perfect right?! That’s exactly what we’re going to do. It will be on Sunday the 20th of June and will take place in the afternoon. We can start around 14:00, play some games, have a tournament and order food together afterwards. 

Activity date 20 June 2021: 14:00
Activity End Date 20 June 2021: 16:00
Cut off date 18 June 2021: 23:55

NSK Meerkamp

The entire weekend will be devoted to the Dutch Student Championship Meerkamp. Contrary to previous years, this year's event is an official decathlon or heptathlon!
Non-students can also participate outside of competition. In order to keep the competition accessible for all students, the worst 2 parts will not be counted for the result for the Dutch Student Championship. However, each participant must report to each event.

Activity date 16-10-2021
Activity End Date 17-10-2021
Cut off date 10-10-2021
Individual Price €17.50