Upcoming events

NSK Teams

On the 18th of September the NSK teams will take place, were we can perform as one team. For the NSK teams you can also choose which event(s) you would like to do, but there is a limited amount of people for each event (for most events 2). So if you want to join, you can tell what you would like to do and hopefully I can make everyone happy ?. If you don’t want to join the competitions, it is also allowed to cheer up the rest of the team so it would still be nice if a lot of you can join to take pictures or maybe join a relay or the afterparty.

Activity date 18 September 2021: 10:00
Activity End Date 18 September 2021: 20:00
Cut off date 10-09-2021

NSK Meerkamp

The entire weekend will be devoted to the Dutch Student Championship Meerkamp. Contrary to previous years, this year's event is an official decathlon or heptathlon!
Non-students can also participate outside of competition. In order to keep the competition accessible for all students, the worst 2 parts will not be counted for the result for the Dutch Student Championship. However, each participant must report to each event.

Activity date 16-10-2021
Activity End Date 17-10-2021
Cut off date 10-10-2021
Individual Price €17.50