This committee organizes one or more activities every month. This can vary from BBQ, to playing laser games, from bowling to a games’ night. You already have ideas in mind? Join this committee now! We would love to build on your creative input. This committee is active throughout the year and therefore the workload is relatively distributed.

Time effort: On average 1 hour per week

(This is an approximation and can vary depending on the situation and how involved you want to be)

The members of the activity committee are:

  • Frank Joosten
  • Fei An Kersten
  • Marta Marafona
  • Jorine van Vugt
  • Lara Frijters
  • Lucia Patrico
  • Zoë Verweerden
  • Fleur Koeling

Do you want to sign up for an activity? Then you can do so via the website (
If you have a good idea for an activity, then let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.