This committee is responsible for making sure that Uros is represented at competitions. It helps with the organization, such as the logistics of transportation and accommodation for example. The most popular competitions for Uros are the Batavierenrace, the Veluweloop, the NSKs (national student championships) or the UMCs. Another important competition is the annual Uros Teamrace. It is a running competition in which teams of 4-7 members cover a distance of about 5 km together.

In case you wish to only be involved in the planning of one competition, it is also possible.

Time effort: On average less than 1 hour per week

(This is an approximation and can vary depending on the situation and how involved you want to be)

The members of the competition committee are:

  • Daniëlle Spek
  • Jurriaan Berger
  • Bob van Kasteren
  • Lara Frijters
  • Selim Gilon
  • Sara McCloskey