The Inkom committee is occupied with the promotion of Uros, the preparation of Uros activities and the planning during the INKOM!

Of course the committee tries to make Uros noticeable between all the other student (sports) associations. We like to activate as many people as possible to join the most fun sport association of Maastricht!

Because sport is very important Maastricht knows an overarching organisation representing the interests of sports associations, called the MUSST. This organisation organises many meetings in which among others the Inkom is discussed. Next to that, the Inkom committee meets regularly to come up with fun activities, find mentors who lead a group of new students during the Inkom or find people to help in other ways. The committee starts early (around February), because then the first deadlines will be determined. The preparations do not ask for a lot of time, only during Inkom this committee is very active, but that is also a lot of fun!

The members of the Inkom committee are to be elected at the second General Members Assembly of April. This year, the Inkom committee consists of the following members:

  • Jorine Van Vugt
  • Celine Leurs
  • Fei An Kersten¬†
  • Fleur Koeling
  • Fleur Van Willigen
  • Frank Joosten
  • Guusje Reijans
  • Ilse De Vries
  • Iris Thijssen
  • Lara Frijters
  • Mahault Degezelle
  • Marta Luisa
  • Sara McCloskey