The weekend Committee is in charge of organizing the annual members weekend, as well as the trainings weekend.

The purpose of the members weekend is to give (the new) Uros members the chance to get to know their fellow Urosians and create friendships through fun activities.

The trainings weekend combines the two key components of Uros. Training and having fun. During the weekend, you can practice various disciplines and just enjoy yourself and play fun games in between trainings.

In case that you would like to only be involved in the planning of one weekend that is also possible

Time effort per weekend: Over the course of 3 weeks around 2 hours per week

(This is an approximation and can vary depending on the situation and how involved you want to be)

The members of the weekend committee are:

- Jorine Van Vugt

- DaniIĆ«lle Speck

- Lara Frijters

- Selim Gilon