The PR & Sponsoring committee supports the PR & Sponsoring commissioner in his/her quest for new sponsors. In this committee you will go to enterprises to acquire sponsorship or discounts for Uros(members). Uros works together with Atletiek Maastricht to increase the possibilities for sponsorship. Next to this the committee helps to promote Uros, enlarge the brand awareness of Uros and improve and maintain the image. Finally the committee is in charge of the web shop, which comes down to selling competition and casual clothing. 

This committee meets about once every fortnight.

The members of the PR & Sponsoring committee are:

  • Keanne Panis
  • Bob van Kasteren
  • Ruben Sansom
  • Samuel Stockhausen
  • Charlotte Holderied
  • Demi Jordans
  • Aron Koning
Update: Niettegenstaande de vermelde 'laatst bijgewerkt-datum' worden alle leden in de commissie halfjaarlijks bijgewerkt.