The committee is working on Uros’ image and promotion in several ways. First, it supports the PR & Sponsoring commissioner in her quest for new sponsors and discounts for the Uros members. Next to that, the promotion committee can help with tasks related to the association’s clothing brand. Then, it helps promoting the association, by for example coming up with new ideas to increase our visibility. Moreover, the committee can help the vice-president with the handling of social media. This can for example include helping finding ideas about new content and posts. Finally, the committee members are also responsible for creating Uros-related content. Meaning taking pictures and videos at events, which can then be shared on social media.

Time effort: On average less than 1 hour per week

(This is an approximation and can vary depending on the situation and how involved you want to be)

The members of the Promotion committee are:

  • Lara Frijters
  • Sven van der Pas
  • Iris Thijssen