The student athletics association Uros ('Unidentified Running ObjectS') was founded in 1991. Gradually, the association has grown to one of the biggest student sports associations in Maastricht. 

During the year, Uros participates in several (inter)national competitions. There is something for everyone: runners can join in events like the National student championship (NSK) Ekiden (marathon distance run by a team of 6 runners), NSK road or NSK cross, the Zevenheuvelenloop, Hart van Brabantrace or Batavierenrace, as well as the numerous local competitions organised around Maastricht. For technical athletes there is also enough choice: NSK track, NSK indoor and NSK teams as competitions for Atletiek Maastricht. Uros also shows up at some international competitions, for example in London, Paris or Budapest, which is always a lot of fun. This is central to Uros: having fun, both at practices and outside.

Every month, Uros organises several activities such as a beer tasting, a pool night, an evening floatfit, a dinner at the track or special activities such as a New Year's dinner or a members weekend. In addition, a drink with other student sports association takes place monthly, organised by Student Sports Activity Committee (SSAC). Due to the relatively small number of members, the group is quite close, but we are always open for new members: the more the merrier!


Uros practices two times a week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 to 20.30, at Sports Park Jekerdal. All practices start with a general warm-up for everybody. Next, an extensive running training takes place that even includes some weight training. After all that, the group is split up in two groups in a technical group or runners group. Each training, you can decide for yourself which group you'd like to join. Yet, most people join the same group every training. 

The technical group always has a very diverse training, i.e. they practice sprinting, shot put, javelin etc. On Tuesday Lara Frijters* mostly practices sprinting with the group. On Thursday, all the other technical parts will be practiced. If you would like to specialise, you can join one of the technical groups of Atletiek Maastricht.
The runners group trains under the guidance of Sven van der Pas and Teun Prompers. On Tuesday they will explore the hilly environment of Maastricht with a more endurance based run. On Thursday the group practices on the track. 

Our practice accommodation, the athletics track, can be found at Sports Park Jekerdal:

*Lisanne Meijer has taken over the coaching duties of the technical athletes due to the absence of Lara until January. 

Facts and figures:

  • The abbreviation UROS stands for 'Unidentified Running ObjectS'.
  • Uros was founded in 1991.
  • We practice every Tuesday and Thursday night.
  • At this moment, Uros counts more than 95 members. 
  • Almost 50% of our members is non-Dutch. 
  • Uros is part of Atletiek Maastricht.

Fun or 'Gezelligheid':

Of course it is not only about practices: next to sports fun is very important at Uros and therefore we organise various activities, such as the yearly members weekend and the monthly activities from the activity committee such as bowling, cocktail night or new year’s dinner. For just a small amount you can join these activities, and you will get a lot of fun in return! The committee notifies you, or you can read this in the newsletter, where and when the activities take place, and how you can sign up. 

And then… drinks! We also organise drinks. Here is always opportunity enough to have a lot of fun, have good conversations and enjoy various drinks. Also relaxation is part of sports!

Next to the drinks, we organise a 'Dinner at the track' every last Thursday of the month. After the training you only have to make it to the table and dinner will be served.  

Statutes and Bylaws:

The statutes and bylaws (Dutch only) can be requested at the board via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.