My name is Selim Gilon and I am your competition commissioner for this academic year. I’m 19 years old and I am studying Data Science and Knowledge Engineering. I am in the second year of the bachelor. I was born in Verviers, it’s a town near Liège in Belgium.

I like a lot of different sports and I tried quite a few. I climbed, rode VTT, played handball, ran track and field, windsurfed, etc.
My main sport during my childhood was field hockey, I played it during 9 years. Unfortunately I had to stop because I was attending the firefighter class every Saturday. I was also a piloting gliders at the Royal Belgian Air Cadets during holidays and some weekends. There was no way to be member of a sport club anymore. I was just running a bit to stay in shape and be able to keep a decent pace at the local races.

After high school, I went to the USA for a year (in Minnesota - up North). I went back to high school and this is where I started my “ running career”. I ran the Cross-country season there, that was very very fun. Their atmosphere around sports is awesome! I was planning on staying there to run and study at the University but my plans changed and I came to Maastricht. I continued to run in Belgium after the US and I raced quite a lot. My best friend and myself created a running team made of young runners from our region. We try to go to all (or almost) the local races, that’s at least one every weekend.
Unfortunately, it has been one year that I am injured now. This is why you might not se me a lot at practices now. But don’t worry! I am not chilling in my sofa… Not at all, if I am not at practice, I am either training at UM sport or riding my bike to stay in shape and prepare my comeback.
I hope to see you soon on the track or at some races !!!
Besides to Uni, Uros and my Belgian running team, I work as a student in a sports store. I am also a scout chief in my hometown. We meet every Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I also love the mountains, I try to go there once or twice per year to ski, hike, camp, etc. Trail running is the discipline I like the most, I am always looking for some hills and nice trails in the woods (this is why I’ll invite you guys to a lot of Belgian trail race this year…).

I loved last year as a Uros member. I especially enjoyed the big races such as the Batavienrace and the NSK cross. The different activities that the board organized were fun too. This is why I want to invest some time and energy to manage the best sport association of Maastricht.
Feel free to join a committee to help us! I am part of the competition committee.

I hope you are all enjoying Uros. If you have any questions about anything, don’t be shy and contact me!