Dear Urosians,

A little piece to introduce me for the people who don't know me yet:
I'm Lara Frijters, born and raised in the beautiful Eindhoven. In Eindhoven, I work at every match of the greatest club from The Netherlands: PSV.
Last year I tried my best to study Psychology. Unfortunately, that didn't end well. This year, with new energy, I'm going to study health siences.
As a young girl, I started with atletics at the age of 7. Besides that, I was a trainer for little kids for 3 years. Currently, I unfortunately am more injured than not. Nevertheless, you van find me on the track twice a week.
I'm looking forward to next year and I'm honoured to be part of the board together with 4 boys!
If you have any questions about who I am or what I'm up to, don't hesitate to ask me!