Hey Urosians.

My name is Samuel Stockhausen, and I am the president of Uros.

Right now, I am in the third year of my bachelor’s in psychology and I will soon start a master’s in human decision science.

Originally, I am from Germany and I moved to Maastricht after I graduated from high school. As soon as I started my bachelor, I became a member of Uros and immediately fell in love with the concept of training, going to competitions together while at the same time doing fun activities with your friends.

In my free time I am working as a trainer at Atletiek Maastricht and I am involved in a project called MatchHousing where we work on improvements for neighborhoods here in Maastricht. Besides that, I love to have (house) parties, listen to music and dance.

I started track and field when I was 7 years old and I did almost every event since then.

However, what I always liked the most were high jump and 100 sprints.

I always enjoyed working in a team and I am honored that I got the opportunity to lead Uros through the current crisis together with my wonderful board members.

We are having meetings until late in the night to make sure that you are able to enjoy practices even when it seems impossible.

We are thankful for the positive feedback that we receive, and we hope that we also have some “normal” board months ahead of us.