My name is Sven van der Pas and I am the treasurer of Uros.

 I am practicing Track&Field for 14 years. The first twelve years I trained at Scorpio Oosterhout. Oosterhout is a small Dutch village near Breda. I used to be a short distance runner. However, recently I switched to long distances and ran a marathon twice. My goal is to run a marathon at least once a year. I am really eager for goals or challenges. Currently my main focus is the 10K and the half marathon. Right now I am in my second year at Uros. I am happy that this year I can spread my passion and my knowledge from the past 14 years to the Urosians since I started coaching this year. It is also my second year as a student in Maastricht at Zuyd Hogeschool. I study Oriental Languages and Communication, which in my case means that I study the Arabic language and culture, plus communicating lectures. This study is a result of an interest in cultures due to reading books. Reading is still my main hobby, beside that I also enjoy to watch some Netflix in my spare time. However, I don’t do that much. When I don’t have to work or when I am not studying I am most like sporting. Especially running, beside that when I am not running, there is big chance you can find me on my racing bike, in the pool or in the gym.

As mentioned before I have work in Maastricht. I work as teamleader in the Albert Heijn at the Vrijthof. Finally you should know that I listen music 24/7, varying from Ares, Mac Miller, Coltrane, Tash Sultana and Jacob Banks. But this can differ each week.

I hope we can still make it a fun year all together, I am looking forward to it! If you have questions about me, feel free to ask me.

Stay healthy, keep positive and spread love,