My name is Mahault Degezelle, I’m from Brussels and I am treasurer of Uros

I’ll start my second year at University College Maastricht, with a focus on biomedical sciences, which I really like. 

I did a little bit of track and field when I was a kid, but I was more into hockey, tennis and climbing… little did I knew that I would fall back in love with running years later! At first it was mostly social and for fun to spend some quality time with people I loved, but then I started wanting to be better and became (a bit) more serious about it. I like to go on long-ish runs and do races between 5k and the half-marathon. I really want to run a full marathon someday, hopefully even more than one. Apart from running I quite enjoy biking, hiking, and lifting some weights from time to time.

Apart from sports, I like to read, hang out with my friends, and travel the world :)