Summer break is almost over.. This means that uni starts again and that soon, we will change boards! In the upcoming GMA the current board will pass the baton to the next. This year was different than usual due to the virus. Urosians didn't meet up as often for practices, competitions and activities. This makes it harder for you to vote for the new board, since we didn't got the change to get to know everyone that well. We still don't know what the next GMA will look like, if it will take place online or physical. We asked the contenders for the next board to write something about themselves, to make sure they're no strangers anymore :) Have fun reading it!

Candiate president: Samuel Stockhausen 

Dear Urosians and future Urosians,
My name is Samuel Stockhausen and I am one of the potential new board members for Uros. I have been practicing track and field for the past 12 years and my main events are high jump and 100m dash. Originally, I am from Germany and I moved to Maastricht 2 years ago to study psychology and get to know new country as well as to learn a new language.
In my leisure time I like to be around my friends, have bbq’s in the summer, go for a swim, do sailing or work on social projects. 1 year ago, I was part of a committee and we had a lot of fun cooking for the Uros community.
Together with the other potential board members we are excited to represent your interests and make changes. I am looking forward to get to know every single one of you and to chat at one of the Uros events.
See you very soon!

Samuel Stockhausen candidate president 

Candidate secretary: Jorine van Vugt

Hey! My name is Jorine van Vugt, I am 20 years old and I would like to be the secretary of the Uros board next year! A bit about myself; I am from Oosterhout, a small town in Mid-West Brabant and I have two brothers and one sister. I will start my second year of Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University and this will be my second year at Uros as well. However, I practice athletics for almost 14 years now. In addition to working out, I like to go out with friends, cook / bake and that kind of things. I hope to see you all soon!

Jorine van Vugt candidate secretary

Candidate treasurer: Sven van der Pas 

Hi! I am Sven van der Pas, next year I would like to be part of the new board :). I am practicing Track&Field for 14 years. I used to be a short distance runner but I recently switched to long distances and even ran a marathon. I used to train at Scorpio (Oosterhout) but next year it will be my second year at Uros. It will also be my second year as student in Maastricht at Zuyd Hogeschool. If I am not running, there is big chance you can find me on my racing bike, in the pool, in the gym or in the Albert Heijn at the Vrijthof. I am looking forward to see you all again at the track after the summer break!

Sven van der Pas candidate treasurer

Candidate competition commissioner: Daniëlle Spek

Hi! My name is Daniëlle Spek and last year I started my master physician and clinical investigator in Maastricht. As an avid athlete of course I decided to join the student athletic association. As a heptathlete and triple jumper I started training with the technical group of UROS. The practises always are lots of fun, and the activities I participated as well. Besides training I also like doing competitions, and of course the NSKs are some of the most fun competitions of all. Therefore, I'm already looking forward to being next year's competition commissioner.

Daniëlle Spek candidate competition commissioner

Candidate vice-president: Emma Rouanet

My name is Emma Rouanet, I come from France and I am 20 years old.
I have been doing track and fields (and more specifically long distance) for 13 years, and despite a long lasting injury, I can’t seem to abandon the track just yet.
This year I will start my third year of bachelor in economics and emerging markets, and since I’ve been at Uros since my day 1 in Maastricht, it will be my third year in the association as well.
I am looking forward to make Uros even better and to have some amazing time among our old and new Urosians (we need to compensate for the pain incurred by practices)!
See you soon!

Emma Rouanet candidate vice-president