Meet the board

of as we call ourselves; BestUROS

President – Guusje Reijans

Hi everyone! My name is Guusje Reijans, and I am the president of Uros. 

I am from a small town called Haelen in the middle of Limburg. I am now in my in my third year of the study medicine so I still have a long way to go. 

Athletics is quite new to me. I discovered it when I was seven years old, but at the age of nine I decided to quit and continue with volleyball (which I regret now haha). I have played volleyball from my sixth until my eighteenth and I really loved it. I used to train four times a week and participate in competitions. The last two years I also played beach volleyball in the summer. I especially loved the competitions that were on the beach every week.

Last year I got a room in Maastricht and decided to try a different sport. I joined Uros and I have not regretted it for a second. First, I joined the running group which I liked, but when we could use the track again (it was closed due to COVID) I wanted to try the technical events as well. I discovered that throwing events are not my thing, but I rediscovered my love for competing in sprinting. The 100 and 200m are my favorite events. In my free time, I love to go for a drink with my friends and dance at parties. I also love to play the guitar and to just clear my mind while I am playing. 

I hope that we will have an amazing year and that there will be lots of parties, activities, and competitions. I will try my best to make this a great year for all of you.

Vice-President – Teun Prompers

My name is Teun Prompers, and I am the vice-president. 

To get some formalities out of the way: I am in my second year of my bachelor’s in physiotherapy, so I will be around for a while.

I grew up in a small town, to the south of Maastricht, called Eijsden but recently moved to Maastricht. I became a part of UROS as soon as I started my bachelor last year, and this year I will be bearing the responsibility of guiding UROS into 2022 with my fellow board-members.

Unlike most track and field athletes I didn’t grow up playing any sports. Before transitioning into athletics I was an avid gym-goer from eighteen onwards, and picking up heavy things quickly turned into a passion. Starting out with the usual gym-bro split, but I found my true love in powerlifting. Consequently, to that I found a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, making physiotherapy a perfectly fitting career path.

Track and field really swept me off my feet and I could not be more excited to have found so many friends that share this passion, at UROS. I am a middle/long-distance runner for the time being, and until I find a favourite event I will just be trying out every distance that comes my way.

After a rough year filled with activity cancellations, I am excited, and honoured, to be able to try and make a difference within our association and hopefully change things for the better. It will be hard to stand my ground as the only male member of the board, being surrounded by some hard-hitting women, but I wouldn’t trade my spot for anything.

Secretary – Fleur Koeling

My name is Fleur Koeling, and I am 18 years old. I’m from a town in North-Brabant called Veldhoven and upcoming year I will be the secretary of Uros. Currently, I’m in my second year of medicine. I started track and field when I was 6 years old and never stopped. 

My love for the track started at my home club and has now transferred to Uros. I mostly train for the 400 meters but occasionally I am also up for a shorter or a longer distance. Besides the practices at Uros, I still go home (almost) every weekend to train another two times with my teammates at my home club. Every week you can also find me in the gym at UM Sports to gain some strength. Recently I also joined Ferro Mosae to do some swimming or go for a bike ride, so I have a busy schedule. Next to a lot of practices I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends to play board games or have some drinks. Another great hobby of mine is cooking and baking. So, if you can’t find me at the track I’m probably in the kitchen, trying some new recipes. 

As secretary I am mainly responsible for the communication within Uros and outside parties. If you have any questions, you can always shoot me a message and I will be happy to help you! I hope to see a lot of you during practice or during one of our activities!

Treasurer – Mahault Degezelle

My name is Mahault Degezelle, I’m from Brussels and I am treasurer of Uros. 

I’ll start my second year at University College Maastricht, with a focus on biomedical sciences, which I really like. 

I did a little bit of track and field when I was a kid, but I was more into hockey, tennis and climbing… little did I knew that I would fall back in love with running years later! At first it was mostly social and for fun to spend some quality time with people I loved, but then I started wanting to be better and became (a bit) more serious about it. I like to go on long-ish runs and do races between 5k and the half-marathon. I really want to run a full marathon someday, hopefully even more than one. Apart from running I quite enjoy biking, hiking, and lifting some weights from time to time.

Apart from sports, I like to read, hang out with my friends, and travel the world 🙂

PR & Sponsoring – Iris Thijssen

My name is Iris Thijssen and I’m the PR & Sponsoring Commissioner of Uros this year. 

As a novice runner, I joined Uros in September 2020. I started training with the long-distance group which I have loved ever since. I like to go for runs between 5k and 15k.

Currently, I’m a fourth-year Communication & Multimedia Design student. Or also known as a CMD’er (because the full name is way too long haha).

When I’m not writing on my thesis, working as a freelance designer, or spending time with Uros, you will most likely find me in my kitchen baking some cakes or other sweet goods. Otherwise, I’m probably playing some volleyball, writing a line of code, or walking around with my camera. And of course, I’m always down for having a good time with friends! Everything that’s design or food-related, and a healthy dose of humor are the things that I love the most.

As PR & Sponsoring Commissioner, my job is to handle everything about the visibility of Uros as a brand. From the merchandise to the social media presence, but also the awareness to potential new members. Besides this, I’m also in charge of the PR committee (which you definitely should join!). If you have a suggestion, or just want to have a little chat, don’t hesitate to contact me. Drop me a message and I’ll get right back to you.

I hope to see you around at the track!

Competition commissioner – Fleur van Willegen

My name is Fleur van Willegen, and I am the competition commissioner this school year 2021-2022. I’m very excited to meet all the new people who will join Uros this year and hopefully we can go to lots of competition together and improve many of our times and cheer each other on. Last year was my first year studying in Maastricht and joining Uros. Although the pandemic was making it more difficult to do lots of fun activities, partying and meeting new people, I’m still enjoyed the year a lot and my studies as well so far.  I am 19 years old and will be going into my second year studying health sciences (gezondheidswetenschappen). Originally, I’m from a small town called Haastrecht, near Gouda, in The Netherlands but I’ve lived abroad for most of my life. I have also lived in Nigeria, Romania, Russia and Brazil. I’m so grateful that I have made so many new experiences and great friends from these countries. I really enjoy traveling the world, seeing different places, trying the food, learning the language, and getting to know the culture. I think it’s really one of my passions. This is one of the reasons why I love Maastricht so much; there is a nice combination between both Dutch and international students.  In my free time I like to be active. I’ve done track and field for about 3 years now. My favorite events are the 200m, 400m and 800m. Before track and field, I swam competitively for 10 years. My favorite stroke was breaststroke. I also enjoy going to the gym or joining one of the many fitness classes that UM sports has to offer like spinning, HITT workouts or Clubpower. 

 I have one older sister called Maaike. She is 22 years old and lives in Rotterdam. I also have a 10-year-old dog called Kaduna and I love to go on walks and cuddle with him. 

 Besides sports, I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to restaurants and parties. I also love going to festivals, I think they are so fun listening to different types of artists and just the whole atmosphere. I’m very spontaneous and always up for a good time! If there’s good music and nice people, I will be there. Friendships are also super important to me, and I am always down to meet new people.