Every April, the largest relay race in the world will take place called the Batavierenrace. The route runs from the center of Nijmegen, via Germany, the quiet Achterhoek and the Oude Markt in the heart of Enschede to the campus of the University of Twente.

The total running distance is 175 kilometers and is divided into 25 stages.

This is the biggest event of the year and is also the most fun! And afterwards there is always a big party at the end at the University of Twente.

The nice thing about this relay race is that you are in control of the distance you run with your team. So you can either choose to run a short distance or a longer one. The more people that sign up, the shorter the distance you have to run.

Normally, there is also a team for Fast Runners via Maastricht University. For everyone there is a opportunity to compete with the Batavierenrace

Club Championships

The Club Championships always take place during the last practice of the academic year, often in June. During this evening, the following disciplines will be performed: 100 metres, javelin, long-jump and 800 metres. The evening will be closed with a delicious pizza and the results will be published on Facebook later that evening or the next day.

UROS Teamrace

Annually, the middle of April is the starting shot for the team race of Maastricht: the Team Race. In the Team Race it is not important whom of your Team is the first to cross the finish line. On the contrary, the time of the last person in your team counts; so make sure you as a team make a great effort!
In short, an annual event with a unique character: a mixture of sports and cooperation!

Uros Athletics Competition (UAC)

The dates for the Uros Athletics Competition are the following:

  • 400m
  • High Jump
  • 100m
  • Javelin
  • Swedish Relay (400-300-200-100m)
  • 1500m
  • Steeplechase

Tournament Subsidy

If you participate in competitions, you can get a refund for your registration fee (if you did it by pre-registration). The amount of competitions you can get a refund for, depends on what UM SPORT membership you have.

For typical competitions there are limited amounts of refund you can get for each competition:

  • NSK’s en het GNSK’s:
    Registration fees: up to an amount of €20,- per person, per competition
  • Overige toernooien (binnenlands):
    Registration fees: up to an amount of €7,50,- per person, per competition
  • Overige toernooien (buitenlands):
    Registration fees: up to an amount of €15,- per person, per competition

Please not that Uros also has a fund to cover registration fees for NSK’s, please find more information here, but note that you can only get a refund once.

You will need a receipt or bank note to proof that you have paid the registration fees. Please find the required form here. Fill it out and it send to, then we can make sure that the MUSST receives it.

Membership purchased in June or July, or a semestermembershipMax two requests
Membership purchased in March, April or MayMax three requests
Membership purchased in December, January or FebruaryMax four requests
Membership purchased in September, Oktober or NovemberMax vijf aanvragen