Become a member

Before becoming an official member, you can join a few practices without any obligations. Each and everyone is welcome to join Uros! The level of our members is very diverse. We have some top athletes, but of course, not everyone is one. More specifically, there are plenty of members that have joined Uros just for fun and to keep their condition at some level. So let’s join us!


Practice on Tuesday and Thursday
Participate in activities
Excl. non-recurring administration costs of €11,50
Excl. UM Sports membership ‘Sports’

€ 45,00 yearly


Practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Participate in activities
Excl. non-recurring administration costs of €11,50
Excl. UM Sports membership ‘Sports’

€20,00* from February

*After half a year €45 yearly

Membership form and UM sportscard

To become a member of Uros you need a UM SPORTS membership ‘Sports’. The UM SPORTS membership ‘Sports’ will allow you to make use of the sports program of UM SPORT. For more information, you can visit the site from UM Sports or the MUSST. These sites give you all the information you need.

The next step will be filling in the Uros membership form. To download the form by clicking on the “Join Us” button, fill it in and send this document by email to

Competition License AM/UROS

If you want to participate in competitions it is clever to request a competition license from Atletiek Maastricht (AM). You are then automatically a member of the Atletiek Unie (AU; Dutch national track association). This will cost you €20 on top of the annual subscription. The license is also used in track meetings and running matches, and often gives you a discount on the entrance fee of a match.

Become an Alumnus

For future alumni members, we have a separate subscription form that can be downloaded here.

Terminating your membership

You can only terminate your membership by sending an email to the secretary of MSAV Uros. This has to be done before September 1st. If you did not terminate your membership before September 1st, you have to pay the contribution fee for the whole upcoming year.

*** Unfortunately, as of the Academic year 2017/2018, ZUYD University of Applied Sciences has stopped their financial contributions to UM SPORTS for the organization of student sports. As a result, ZUYD students can become UM SPORTS members in category 2 (instead of 1). The UM SPORTS ‘Sports’ membership in category 2 costs €156,00.