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MSAV Uros is the student athletics association in Maastricht, with track and field disciplines, cross-country and road races. We are a very active student sports association, not only regarding sports, but also on a social level. Every month, there will be some Uros members at the start of a race, not only in Limburg, but the rest of the country as well. We volunteer at several (running) events and a week does not go by without a social event organized for our members.

We are an energetic, active group of students with different interests and backgrounds. We have a fairly large group of Dutch students, but each year we are welcoming more and more international students. This makes for a fun and diverse mix of members. Uros currently has about 90 active members and more than 50 alumni members. 

We are always looking for sponsors. If you would like to contribute and at the same time create awareness for your business, this might be your chance! If you are interested and would like some more details, please send a message to