NSK Cross 2024

Welcome on the page of the NSK Cross 2024! On January 27th it is once again time for NSK Cross. This time in the beautiful Maastricht. Afterwards, there will be a dinner and a party at De Beurs (Spoorweglaan 6, Maastricht), with a possibility to sleep over.

Time Schedule

Dinner / Party / Sleeping + Breakfast

After the Fun Event has ended, you will have the possibility to shower and change clothes. Thereafter, we will have a lovely dinner at Sportpark Jekerdal (Mergelweg 130). When all your bellies are full, we’ll move to De Beurs and have an amazing party! If you want, you can sleep and have breakfast at UM Sports (P. Debyeplein 15). Please keep in mind that you do have to bring your own sleeping mat and bag.

Signing up will be available soon!

If you don’t want to join any of the crosses, you are always welcome to volunteer 🙂

For any other questions, please send an email nskcross2024@gmail.com.