Ferro Mosae Swim Run

5:30 pm
Geusseltbad Maastricht, Maastricht
Depending on the distance

The annual M.S.T.V Ferro Mosae x Bearsports swim-run will take place on Wednesday evening May 18, 2022. This is the perfect challenge in between all triathlon competitions and training sessions. The swim-run is accessible to everyone and therefore it is a suitable opportunity to get acquainted with the triathlon. We have a 1/8th swim-run for individuals and duos as well as a kids edition.

The M.S.T.V Ferro Mosae Bearsports swim run takes place in and around the Geusseltbad. Swimming will be in the outdoor pool of the Geusseltbad and running will be in the Geusseltpark.
Geusseltbad: Discusworp 4, 6225 XP Maastricht
Changing rooms and lockers of the Geusseltbad can be used by participants.

The 1/8th swim-run consists of a 500m swim and a 5000m run. You can participate as an individual or as a duo. For the duos: one of the two performs the swimming part and the other performs the running part. Registration costs are €9 for individuals, €7,50 for students, and €10 for relay duos.

We also have a kids edition with 250 meters of swimming and 2500 meters of running (age 10-18 years) and a mini edition of 100 meters of swimming and 1000 meters of running (age 4-12 years). Registration costs are €4,50 and €3,50.

Program (provisional)
17:30 last minute registration / registration / pick up chips / changing rooms open.
18:00 registrations closed
18:00: start kids
19:00: start individuals and relay/duos
21:15 pool closed

A more detailed schedule will follow one week before the race (for the ones that registered before that time). Make sure you are present at least half an hour before your race starts.