Pietentraining and Sinterklaas Drinks At The Track

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sports park Jekerdal, Maastricht
First drink for free

Tuesdsay the 5th of december is the birthday of Sinterklaas🎉. Sinterklaas is a dutch tradition, similar to santa claus. Sinterklaas has several pieten, who help him bring all the gifts to the children.
The 5th of december we are going to train like Pieten. We are going to learn to walk over roofs (on the ground ofcourse), and throw gifts in the chimneys🎁.

After all this hard work, we are having drinks at the track🍻. Here you can warm up and try some of the amazing sweets sint and piet bring🍬!

Hope to see you all there the 5th of december!