Team Race

6:00 pm
Sports park Jekerdal, Maastricht
€10,00 - €15,00

Check your calendar, because, on the 22nd of April at 18.00, we will be organizing the annual UROS team race! For this 5 KM trail run, you will compete in teams from 4 to 7 people. The race starts at the Jekerdal track, continues on the Sint Pieter hill, and will have an epic finish at the track again. This makes it the ideal last preparation for the Batavierenrace but is also a true team effort with your fellow Urosians so contact your friends and create the strongest team for an amazing race! Costs for the race will be €5,00 (per person).

After the race, there will be a dinner and some drinks which you can join for + €10,00 (per person). If you (only) wanna join the BBQ, don’t forget to fill in the second form down below 😉